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VërSpanken H2O available now from EroPartner

Eropartner Distribution has announced that the new VërSpanken H2O from Big Teaze Toys is now available. Big Teaze Toys says that the new masculine look of the product and packaging will appeal more directly to more serious gay and hardcore markets and the five-piece kit has been released with the holiday gift-giving season in mind.

VërSpanken H2O builds on the successful formula of its predecessors, offering liquid filled interchangeable inserts which can be warmed or cooled for thermal play. Additional inserts in a variety of textures give users both an upgrade path and the opportunity to fully customise the product to their own requirements.

The VërSpanken H2O five-piece kit includes: a Snap Fit Housing in black, two liquid-filled Bumpy textured inserts in black, and two liquid-filled Smooth inserts in black. For further information visit www.eropartner.com or email [email protected]