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Venus chooses four ‘faces’ for 20th anniversary

Venus chooses four 'faces' for 20th anniversary

The organisers of Venus Berlin, Europe’s largest adult consumer show, have announced big plans for this year’s 20th anniversary show. There will be four official Venus representatives – Micaela Schäfer, Mia Julia, Sarah Joelle Jahnel and Lexy Roxx – and the photo shoot for the international advertising campaign is expected to commence soon. Exhibitors interested in advertising cooperation with one of the Venus representatives prior to or during the event are urged to contact the organisers as soon as possible.

Daniel Engelhardt, of show organisers Borgmeier Public Relations, said: “The appeal [of Venus] for the press, visitors and specialist traders from all over the world is still huge, even after 20 years. Last year the exhibition was able to register the fullest Saturday on record, and was forced to limit entry to the event at various times of the day. With this level of success in mind, the Venus 2016 wants to push even further for its anniversary show. Many companies already have their stands booked for the 20th Venus, and as is the case with all of the exhibitors, they are well aware of how beneficial the Venus can be.”

Venus Berlin takes place from 13th-16th October 2016. More information about the event can be found at www.venus-berlin.com/en/ and exhibitors can register at http://www.venus-berlin.com/en/online-registration-for-exhibitors