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Velv’Or invites retailers to join shopfunding campaign

Velv’Or invites retailers to join shopfunding campaign

Amsterdam-based Velv’Or has announced that it is now offering its shopfunding campaign to all adult retailers after initially running it only for a select group of European stores that are selling the firm’s JBoa. Velv’Or launched this campaign in order to fund the second generation of the JBoa – a lasso penis ring created by Velv’Or owner Jelle Plantenga, who felt the market needed a minimalistic but stylish lasso product.

The second generation will come in the firm’s iconic black cigar tube but will also be delivered in a cigarette-style box. Velv’Or created this outer box following requests from many brick and mortar stores who sell JBoa from a glass display. They said they would like to display the JBoa in-store alongside their other products but are worried it would be stolen. This new packaging will give them that option.

If you would like to help Jelle bring this second generation JBoa to life, all you have to do is place an order and pay in advance. If enough retailers participate, delivery in August could be an option. For further information, and the link to the special shopfunding campaign page, contact [email protected]


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