Valley of the Dolls: retailers wanted for ultra-realistic dolls

Posted: June 1, 2016

Cloud Climax has announced that it is now the UK’s authorised reseller for DS Dolls, a Japanese manufacturer of high value, ultra-realistic silicone dolls. The dolls are available in four skin tones and they feature a bespoke skeleton, so they can be posed in a multitude of positions.

The life-size dolls all have a removable insert vagina and a penetrable anus but Cloud Climax says people are not just attracted to them because they offer sex on demand with no risk of STDs or pregnancy: customers also buy them to use as photographic models and for companionship.

“We wanted to bring high quality products to the market and we want to make more niche areas of the market more mainstream and available to those who seek them,” said Paul Lumb of Cloud Climax “We have been working alongside DS Dolls to make the dolls more readily available within the UK as the demand for these products gets higher and higher. They are bespoke and made to order so you can create your own companion.”

Cloud Climax would like to offer other adult retailers the opportunity to sell DS Dolls on a commission basis. For more information contact Paul Lumb on 020 3290 4030, email or visit