‘Ultimate prostate massager’ launched by Scala Playhouse

Posted: July 1, 2016

Scala Playhouse has announced that it is now taking orders for Xeno, its newest ToyJoy Designer Edition release, which is described by the distributor as ‘the ultimate prostate massager’. The ergonomically designed Xeno is USB-rechargeable, made from premium soft-touch silicone, and features eight pulsating functions and multi-speed vibrations. Xeno was premiered at the Scala Extravaganza Fair in March and it is available now.

“If your consumers are looking for a non-intimidating product for prostate stimulation, tell them to look no further,” said Scala Playhouse. “The Xeno is all they need for a session of intimate self-exploration. The Xeno is perfectly shaped and curved to provide prostate and perineum stimulation, meaning double the pleasure and double the thrilling sensations. Prostate stimulation doesn’t just feel fantastic, it can also increase and improve the ability to ejaculate, making a climax feel even more intense. The fun doesn’t stop there though. Frequent stimulation of the prostate has also proven to have health benefits, such as an increase in blood flow to the prostate gland – which can reduce the risk of prostate diseases. Being health-conscious has never felt so pleasurable!”

Scala Playhouse:

[T] 01675 430300 (UK)

[T] +31 (0)36 5219 000 (Europe)

[W] www.scalaplayhouse.com