UK study shows 6% of married couples don’t kiss

Posted: July 4, 2014

A new study by the UK’s leading married dating site has revealed that a staggering amount of married couples haven’t kissed in the last three months. National Kissing Day on 6th July doesn’t seem to hold much passion for the 6% of members who further admitted that they haven’t passionately kissed their partner in the last twelve months.

The survey of 2,000 married men and women revealed a startling trend of married couples going without a loving embrace for long periods of time as 30% admitted that they wouldn’t want to kiss their partner every week.

Spokesperson for, Mike Taylor, commented: “Kissing is a tender and important part of a loving relationship and when it disappears from a marriage, you can find yourself feeling unattractive or disconnected from your partner. A passionate embrace isn’t just fun and enjoyable; it is psychologically good for you too as kissing releases endorphins, which make you feel happy. It can also help reduce stress and if that isn’t convincing enough, you should have a good snog to burns calories as research has shown that kissing burns around two to three calories per minute.”

When was the last time you shared a passionate kiss with your partner?

Today: 12%

Couple of days ago: 20%

Week ago: 17%

Couple of weeks ago: 14%

1 Month ago: 13%

3 Months ago: 10%

6 Months ago: 8%

Over a year ago: 6%

How often would you like to passionately kiss your partner?

More than once a day: 17%

Every day: 23%

Every 2-3 days: 16%

Once a week: 14%

Once a month: 10%

Once every few months: 9%

Once in 6 months: 7%

Once a year: 3%

Less: 1%

Steve, a member of from Lincoln commented: “I don’t really kiss my wife that often anymore. We have been married for thirteen years and I am no longer attracted to her, I still love her but our relationship is more like brother and sister. I miss kissing and being passionate a lot and I have met a few women who are in the same situation – none of us are looking to leave our partners but I don’t want to go the rest of my life never kissing passionately again.”

The agency concurs that partners among the 37% who haven’t been kissed in the last three months or who are married to one of the 30% of people who want to kiss less than once a week, should consider finding another person to lock lips with, at