UK says Yes to YesX

Posted: April 26, 2016

YesX is adding 17 new lines to its range, following its successful introduction to the UK by distributor Alterego Lingerie. Diane Gordon-Freeman, Alterego MD, said: “The very quick success of YesX has taken us by surprise. We knew its quality and pricing was right, but in what is a traditionally slow time of the year, YesX is doing exceptionally well.”

YesX products are packaged in a pretty satin bag, and Alterego says they are already finding success in both traditional retailers and online sellers. “There are no minimum order quantities, all stock is carried by Alterego in the UK, and free dropshipping is available,” Diane added. “The new additions are great, as we are finding that many of the orders coming in are repeat business. That’s what I like to see, and I’m pretty sure that the retailers will agree with me!”

Alterego Lingerie:

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