Two more Inspiring releases from CalExotics

Posted: August 31, 2016

CalExotics has added another two items to its Inspire collection: the Gyrating Wand and Vibrating Tulip Wand. The Gyrating Wand is described as the ultimate choice for stress relief, relaxation and intimate stimulation, and its deep and rumbling vibrations will ‘energise, revitalise and promote the release of muscle tension’ according to CalExotics. The 10-function Gyrating Wand can be used for both full-body and intimate massages. The Vibrating Tulip Wand features a sleek, curved silhouette designed to deliver sensation right where it matters. The wand is said to help increase bloodflow and sexual stimulation, which has a positive effect on vaginal health. It has 10 functions and its flexible shaft can be bent into a number of positions.

All the Inspire powered items – including the new Gyrating Wand and Vibrating Tulip Wand- are USB-rechargeable and made of premium quality materials, and CalExotics donates a portion of the proceeds from sales to the Living Beyond Breast Cancer charity.

The Inspire collection is exclusively sold and marketed in Europe by Scala Playhouse, and the distributor said: “This innovative collection of designs is aimed at improving the lives of women on their journey for heightened, sexual experience. The revolutionary products can help relieve physical discomfort that might arise from illness, age or other factors. Carefully constructed for women who want to increase their intimate strength, the use of Inspire items can result in a more enjoyable, fun sex life.”

Scala Playhouse:

[T] 01675 430300 (UK)

[T] +31 (0)36 5219 000 (Europe)