Toys are for boys, tools are for men…

Posted: April 14, 2008

Gay content producers Titan Media has partnered with lube brand Pjur Group and toy manufacturer Doc Johnson to produce a new line called TitanMen Tools and Lubes.

The new toy line has been dubbed ‘tools’ rather than ‘toys’ in the marketing, which will feature the headline “Toys are for boys, tools are for men.” The initial rollout of TitanMen Tools will include Nite Stix dildos and Vibrations vibrators. All toys are black, a combination of matte and glossy finishes, with blue accents.

The toys will use what is claimed to be a revolutionary ingredient called Sil-A-Gel – a non-toxic, cadmium free, anti-bacterial, and latex free ingredient that Doc Johnson adds to all of its materials during manufacturing. Working like hand soap, the anti-bacterial formulation is engrained into the product so it never disappears.

Pjur Group will be creating a complimentary line of personal lubricants and enhancement sprays under the TitanMen branding. Initial plans for the line include the following brand new formulations: Titanium, a silicone based lube, Rock Hard, a water based enhancement lube, Hybrid, a unique silicone-water based lube, and Relax, an anal desensitizing spray. All of the lubricants and enhancement sprays will be made in Germany, and packaged in easy-grip containers designed for one-handed application.

The three companies will continue to work together over the next few years on the TitanMen line and as part of the promotion, Titan will feature the new toys and lubes in future DVD releases. The line is expected to go on sale towards the end of May.