Topco keeps ‘em Sweet…

Posted: May 22, 2017

Topco Sales’ brand of flavoured lubricants Sex Sweet has now been officially marked CE compliant, making the US-made brand available for sale within retailers across Europe. The brand has been manufactured for over ten years in a variety of flavours, and now that the lube’s formulations conform to European manufacturing standards, Topco is expecting good things for the summer sales period.

Topco Sales COO Autumn O’Bryan said: “Sex Sweet’s CE compliance is timed perfectly for the summer sales season and gives Topco customers the great-tasting, super-slick formula they’ve sold for years with the top manufacturing standards they demand.”

The whole lubricant range is water-based, available in 197 ml bottles and in the following flavours; Strawberry, Cherry, Bubble Gum, Mango-Melon, Apple Berry, Passion Fruit, and Raspberry.

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