Topco acquires HTN, looks to expand private labelling

Posted: May 30, 2008

Topco Sales has acquired the High Tech Novelties (HTN) facility in China. HTN was formed by Topco Sales’ founder, Martin Tucker, in 2003. Since that time HTN has served as a counterpart to Topco Sales in the US. The recent acquisition has made Topco Sales and HTN one global company, with HTN officially changing its name to Topco Sales China and moving locations within the city. Martin Tucker will remain active with Topco Sales China and serve as a consultant.

Topco Sales China is located in Shenzhen, giving it access to access to numerous Chinese vendors and making the manufacturing process more streamlined, efficient, and cost effective. It will now be looking to expand its private label offering.

Vanessa Pellegrini, Topco Sales’ International Sales Director, said: “The new location gives us the resources to handle our growing international clientele in the area of private label manufacturing. It is no surprise that buying direct is cost effective. We offer the best prices, unique products, and packaging that reflects our customers’ brands.”

Topco Sales chief Scott Tucker (pictured with Topco Sales China staff) added: “Private labelling gives companies the flexibility to design packaging and create products that reflect their brand and caters to their customers. We give our private label clients the ability to carry products that no-one else does. They also have the flexibility to decide how their money will be spent. For example, an Internet-based private label client may chose to spend less on the packaging and more on the product, whereas a brick and mortar retail private label client might want to concentrate more on the packaging. We offer customised services to all our private label clients so they can chose what is best for their business.”

Desiree Duffie, Director of Marketing and Public Relations at Topco added: “All of these changes mean Topco Sales will offer our customers better service, better products, better materials, better pricing than ever before. As we celebrate 35 years in business we continue to be a leader and a visionary. This has been an exciting year for Topco Sales; with our Commitment to Green, our streamlining of business operations and our brand new facility in the orient, Topco Sales China, it all equals a brighter future for us, our customers, and the consumers.”