Top gear: Dusedo introduces Xact-Fit Sizing System

Posted: July 27, 2016

Dusedo has announced that it is now carrying the Xact-Fit Sizing System by Perfect Fit Brand. This package contains nine different rings plus a storage cone, and it allows users to experiment with sizes and combinations to ensure they get the most satisfying experience and best fit – or share the rings with friends.

“This is the new experience that lets you play with sizes,” said Dusedo. “Put on a single cock ring or go nuts and do it all at once. This Xact-Fit rings lets you do all that.”

The diameter of the soft-touch silicone shaft rings, ball rings, and cock and ball rings varies from 28mm (1.1″) to 48mm. (1.9″) and users will be relieved to learn that the rings will not grab body hair during use. For more information visit Dusedo’s online store at