Too sexy for Dunfermline

Posted: July 24, 2008

Wanted – enterprising business seeks shop landlords who are not stuck in the 1950s for mutually beneficial relationship.

A Scottish couple who run an online store have had their hopes of opening a retail shop dashed by the owners of the Kingsgate Centre in Dunfermline – because they are ‘too sexy’ according to local media reports.

After eight long weeks of negotiations, the landlords pulled out of the deal leaving Robert and Wilma Chrystal “devastated” by the decision: “It’s really annoyed us because in the eight weeks we could have been looking for somewhere else and could have been trading for the summer,” said Wilma.

At ETO, we can only assume the landlords objected to the business name – Sexy Little Numbers – because the stock range sold by the business consists of dresses, shoes, handbags, body jewellery, fancy dress outfits and a small selection of lingerie.

After the story was posted online by the Dunfermline Press, many comments were added to the story, the majority of which supported Sexy Little Numbers, including the following:

“In the year 2008 we should not still be governed by Victorian principles. With the economy in decline it is good to see some businesses still planning expansion. I sincerely hope that Robert and Wilma manage to secure premises to enable them to continue to grow their business and at the same time benefit the community.”

“Sexy Little Numbers is a top business and if you have bought from them you will agree, you are guaranteed to not go out and have to hide as someone else is wearing the same outfit as you, every girls nightmare! I have bought from Robert and Wilma’s website a number of times and will continue to do so.”

“My wife always buys clothes and shoes from you, and she is ALWAYS happy with products, price and quality of them.”

“I have been an online customer of Wilma’s at Sexy Little Numbers for approx four years and I have been extremely impressed with the quality of their product, the professionalism of how they run their business, their prices and how they treat their customers. You should be proud to have them bring business to your neighbourhood, not shun them! Of note, I am a customer from the US and can purchase clothing like this in many places in my city, but I choose to buy from Sexy Little Numbers because they have earned it! I wish I was lucky enough to have a store to visit in person!”

At ETO, we particularly liked this one…

“The owners of the market hall should consider the moral high ground and take into account the welfare of the good people locally. In such circumstances, and given the issues that have become all too prevalent in the press of late, it is high time they shut down all the vendors of kitchen knives at Kingsgate. I must admit last time I checked nobody had been killed or injured by party dresses or suchlike items. Then again having knives openly on display is, by the same logic displayed here, going to cause all the local children to become knife wielding maniacs out to stab the first person they come across.”

Sexy Little Numbers online store can be found at

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