Tonga offers free in-store support for Abia collection

Posted: January 15, 2018

Free planograms and tailor-made banners for the Abia collection are now available from Tonga, and the distributor is offering retailers an extra discount when they dedicate an area of their store to the brand. The banners have the same imagery as the Abia packaging, and to receive a custom planogram retailers are asked to email with the measurements of the space they are proposing to dedicate to Abia. Once this has been confirmed, the retailer will receive a one-off extra discount on Abia orders placed according to the agreed upon planogram.

Tonga’s Abia line is targeted at confident women and it consists of classic shaped vibrators and massagers, vibrating penis rings, mini vibrators and plugs. The products are available in pink and purple and made from 100% premium unscented silicone. They offer 10 vibration settings, operated via a single control button.

Packaging has been designed to appeal to the retailer as well as the consumer, with Tonga enthusing: “Subtle use of silver foil on the white box gives the Abia range a sophisticated and modern look and the see-through front and back makes the products inside visible so there is no need for the customer to open the box. This will reduce hygiene issues by people touching the toys and damages to the box.”