Tokidoki X stars at Cyberdog show

Posted: May 25, 2017

The Tokidoki X Lovehoney Official Pleasure collection is now being stocked in the Futurelovers department at Cyberdog, a space age-style store in London’s Camden Town. The high footfall store, which has a motto of ‘live long and perverted’ has been supplying the latest fetish fashion and ‘out of this world’ toys from all over the planet since 2009.

Kitty Linton, Futurelovers store manager and buyer said: “We are delighted to be stocking the Tokidoki X Lovehoney collaboration. The toys are unique, adorable and incredibly powerful despite their cuteness. The range perfectly matches our brand values of diversity and quality. The collection has already become a hit with our regular customers, in particular the Diablo mini bullet which is impossible to keep on the shelves.”

Lovehoney’s sales manager Laura Wood added: “Lovehoney is thrilled to be working with Cyberdog and it’s been great to receive such positive feedback on the Tokidoki X Lovehoney collaboration. The range fits so perfectly with the Cyberdog brand, the POS and products really do stand out in the store.”

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