To Ofinity and beyond, with Screaming O

Posted: March 3, 2015

The Screaming O has introduced the Ofinity and Ofinity Plus, which are described as two unique cock rings that feature dual-isolation design for improved erection enhancement. The stretchy one-size-fits-most products are said to slow bloodflow to the penis and testicles with separate snug-tight rings, helping men last longer in the bedroom while providing enhanced sensitivity.

The products feature a figure-of-eight design which the company says has never before been seen in the industry. Users stretch the top ring around the shaft and the bottom ring around the testicles and position the connecting piece comfortably in between. The Ofinity Plus features a bonus mini motor that massages the sensitive area between the shaft and testicles for users looking for additional stimulation that can be felt throughout both rings – and by both partners.

“The unique design of the Ofinity series came to us in a stroke of genius and we were so excited about the response during our R&D process,” said Screaming O representative Conde Aumann. “The Ofinity provides some of the most effective erection enhancement on the market, while the Ofinity Plus becomes the ultimate vibrating cock ring with the push of a button. No matter what consumers’ tastes may be, one thing is for sure – the Ofinity and Ofinity Plus are incredibly versatile and help promote stronger orgasms, harder erections, and longer-lasting sex with almost no limits.”

For further information call Screaming O’s UK distributor Creative Conceptions on 0845 370 0377, email or visit