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Tickler launches Trainer Toyfriends kegel exercisers

Toyfriends kegal exercisers

Swedish company, Tickler, invites consumers to ‘increase their inner strength’, with the release of its new line of Trainer Toyfriends kegel exercisers. These simply designed, modern and practical products retail at a competitive price point and offer a supportive format to assist sales.

Trainer Toyfriends come in two versions: the single (in red or yellow), with a larger size and lower weight for an easier ‘beginner squeeze’, and the double (in black or blue), with more weight in two slimmer sections, for a tougher but still enjoyable pelvic workout. Both are made in the Tickler trademark silky-smooth and seamless body-safe silicone and are completely solid.


Key selling points are that they are anatomically designed, easy to clean, safe to use and beneficial for the body.

As with all Tickler products, the Trainer Toyfriends come in modern packaging with sales solutions to support the retailer. The toys are supplied in a colourful box of 16, with four of each, make them convenient for placement on any sales surface. An acrylic display showcases the products and lets the consumer touch and feel.


The Trainer Toyfriends are anatomically designed for easy insertion and extraction with a curved push-in surface and the right length of silicone string for safe and comfortable use.

Trainer Toyfriends are made from tested silky-smooth silicone and come with a one-year Tickler warranty.

The products are available via EU distributor, WAY. For more information, pricing, and details contact Bianca Daluz at [email protected]