Tickets to ride: Kheper Games introduces sexy scratch cards

Posted: January 28, 2019

Kheper Games has launched a new romance item just in time for Valentine’s Day: Cupid’s Pick Your Prize Sex Scratch Tickets includes 32 scratch tickets, each with three paths to follow and three winning prizes to choose from. The prizes are sexual positions or foreplay activities the user redeems with their lover. Images of each prize are printed on the back of each card and include items such as the reverse cowgirl position, sensual food play, and oral for him or for her.

“We are able to offer a tremendous value with this item,” said Kheper Games CEO Brian Pellham. “The MSRP is only $8.99 [and it] offers entertainment to a couple that could easily last them a year or two depending on how often they play one of the cards. At lottery counters similarly sized tickets sell for $3-$5. We realise that there is obviously no cash prize with these tickets, but with it having a decent weight to it and offering so many similarly sized tickets, we are confident customers will appreciate the bangs they are getting for their bucks.”

Languages included for Cupid’s Pick Your Prize Sex Scratch Tickets are English, French, German, and Spanish. For more details contact