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Ticket to Ride: Rocco Steele teams up with Sliquid for new lube line

Ticket to Ride: Rocco Steele teams up with Sliquid for new lube line

Sliquid has announced it has teamed up with adult film star Rocco Steele to create a namesake line of lubricants marketed specifically to gay men. In this new partnership, Sliquid will be manufacturing a water-based formula and a silicone formula with Rocco’s name attached to it, expanding the product range of its existing LGBTQ-focused men’s line, Ride BodyWorx.

“I’m good friends with Buck Angel, who has a product line with Sliquid called the T-Collection, and he is the one that introduced me to Dean,” said Steele. “I was already aware of the success of Buck’s T-Lube, as well as Sliquid’s reputation of being a leader in the industry’s lubricant space. As someone who uses lube almost daily, as a tool of my trade, producing a namesake lubricant has been on my to-do list for many years.”

The Ride Rocco water-based lube is infused with natural seaweed extracts, including Carrageenan, Nori, and Wakame. Sliquid says the addition of these extracts makes Rocco’s water-based lube ideal for men because it won’t become sticky or dry up quickly when used topically. It is also said to be quick and easy to clean up. It has formulated with gay men in mind as its pH level comes in at 6.0, which is ideal for anal play because it mimics the pH level of the bottom’s rectal ecosystem.

Ride Rocco Silicone is described as a highly concentrated, premium blend of medical-grade silicones which is ideal for all types of erotic encounters, from sensual massage to safe and comfortable anal sex. It is also 100% waterproof, making it the perfect choice for water play.

“This particular blend of silicone is sure to become the gold standard of lubricant for many of my fans because it does exactly what it’s intended to do, make sex more enjoyable and memorable while keeping up with the action,” said Rocco. “You won’t need to stop the fun to reapply over and over again, and that’s important to me.”

Sliquid marketing director Erik Vasquez said: “As a member of the gay community, and someone that has been a fan of his for quite some time, I was very familiar with Rocco’s film work and other product lines. Rocco is a solidified legend in gay pop culture, so being able to work with him on this collaboration has been an exciting experience. He is very in tune with his persona and extremely insightful when it comes to the industry, which made working on the creative process with him an absolute pleasure.”

Ride Rocco Water Based and Ride Rocco Silicone are both currently available in 4.2oz and 8.5oz bottles. For more information email [email protected]

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