Home Product News Ticket to Glyde: Net 1on1 expands vegan condom range

Ticket to Glyde: Net 1on1 expands vegan condom range

Ticket to Glyde: Net 1on1 expands vegan condom range

After a successful launch just a few months ago, Net 1on1 has announced it is expanding its range of Glyde vegan condoms by stocking 100-piece bulk packs. Citing the increasing popularity of the vegan lifestyle, Net 1on1 took on Glyde in May, and has reported a “fantastic” response from the UK market. Becoming the exclusive distributors of the Australian brand, Net 1on1 said it was building a more eco-conscious portfolio so that its customer could offer a whole range of environmentally friendly products, including the biodegradable Gaia vibrators and organic lubricants like Sliquid.

Net 1on1 sales manager Sebastian Gonzalez said: “Climate change is one of the biggest threats facing humanity and we can all do our bit to make a difference for the better. There are studies showing that the vegan lifestyle is the single best way to drastically reduce our carbon footprint, and so it’s no wonder that more and more people make the decision to shun all animal products from their lives. Glyde condoms are the only certified vegan condoms on the market right now, so they offer vegans the chance to practice safe sex without having to compromise on their beliefs, something that was not previously possible.”

Gonzalez added that manufacturers use casein during the production of condoms, making most brands unsuitable for vegan consumers. And this perhaps explains the positive response the distributor received to Glyde, with most SKUs selling out rapidly in the first week and re-orders coming in within days.

“While we knew that veganism is on the rise and we knew that these condoms are really unique to the UK market, we could not have anticipated just what a bestseller we tapped into,” said Gonzalez. “We are so glad that we jumped on the exclusive distribution deal when we did, and we are proud to represent Glyde on the British trade scene. We have now decided to increase our offering and take on bulk packs of the most popular flavours and styles of condoms. Marketplace sellers can easily break down these bulk bags to smaller batches and post them in smaller packets than the 10 pack boxes. They also make for great freebies for online businesses who may want to send out condoms for their customers to try – this is not just a good sales gesture but may encourage repeat orders. Bricks and mortar customers can also break up the bulk packs and sell the condoms one by one at the counter of their stores. You can see how versatile these bulk packs are and we now have them in Slimfit Strawberry, Cola, Blueberry, Wildberry, Maxi Red, Supermax, Ultra Maxi and the original Ultra variations – something for everyone!”

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