The return of Virtual Girl!

Posted: March 1, 2013

Coming soon to ABS Holdings is the new version of the iconic Virtual Girl from Topco. This next generation doll is said to feature a host of improvements over the original Virtual Girl, including a heating rod that allows it to be warmed to a lifelike temperature.

“The original Virtual Girl was a great seller for us,” purred Glenn Wilde of ABS. “It was a top of the range companion and, because it was solid, it was quite unlike anything else out there. Improvements have been made but the main body is still an Isofoam core covered with the hyper-realistic Cyber-Skin, which allows the naked female form to be perfectly rendered. It comes with a multi-function vibrating bullet to add even more excitement to the proceedings but the most intriguing feature is the new heating rod. No more cold shoulders as the doll can now be heated up to a realistic, lifelike temperature. Put all these features together and I think this item could keep plenty of wives or girlfriends on their toes.”

For full details contact ABS Holdings on 01202 868511 or email