Home Industry News Appointments The Pleasure Connection seeks US partners for 2019 European business tour

The Pleasure Connection seeks US partners for 2019 European business tour

The Pleasure Connection seeks US partners for 2019 European business tour

The Pleasure Connection, Colleen Godin’s Southern California-based sex toy industry consulting biz, is seeking manufacturer and distributor partners for a business tour of Europe throughout 2019.

“Since the start of my pleasure industry career, I’ve always hit it off really well with Europeans in particular,” says Godin. “I admire their ability to prioritise professionalism while enjoying the fun atmosphere of our trade, which matches my own attitude in conducting business.”

She continues: “I’ve forged many new relationships and deepened existing friendships with well-known European toy businesses as an industry writer and consultant and my goal for this trip is to provide invaluable connections for manufacturers desiring quality face time with their European customers.”

For American manufacturers, Godin will provide an opportunity to train European distributor and retail staff, attend events and trade shows, and provide marketing research and feedback from each customer visit. Clients will receive customer house calls at a very competitive rate, as Godin’s tour plan aims to eliminate several of the common costs associated with overseas travel.

European, Asian, and Australian sex toy companies are also encouraged to reach out and take advantage of Godin’s flexible travel schedule.

Later this year, The Pleasure Connection will be partnering with Orbit AB, a telecommunications and marketing audit company, to select consumer focus groups for market research across Europe. This partnership will offer American manufacturer clients in-depth, to-the-minute information, aimed at showing companies the way to their next big sales hit and providing feedback straight from the consumer.

“No matter the size of my audience, I love to make them laugh, feel welcome and comfortable, and inspired to ask questions and provide feedback,” says Godin. “These reactions are pertinent to retaining product knowledge and forming a bond with the brand while providing an insider perspective for the manufacturer. I focus on reading the room and meeting my trainees exactly where they are so they’ll have a personal experience that exceeds their expectations, and leaves them with an outstanding impression of the represented brand.”

Godin emphasises that individual manufacturers will receive their own unique session with each retailer or distributor and will not be required to share floor time with multiple brands. To contact Colleen Godin and learn more about European staff trainings, visit www.thepleasureconnection.net