The new Oxballs range is coming to ABS

Posted: January 23, 2018

ABS Holdings has announced that it is taking on the Oxballs brand of male pleasure products, which includes everything from cock rings and slings to chastity devices. “The Oxballs brand is all about male pleasure, and every toy in our new range at ABS will enhance your solo and partner pleasure with innovative design and comfortable materials,” the distributor said. “The Oxballs range offers fantastic variety for every kink, mood and occasion, and the toys are easy to use, offering maximum pleasure for minimal effort.”

The 360 is a cock ring and ball sling with a thick rubbery base that pushes the balls away from the body. This combo is said to be perfect for men who want an impressive bulge. The base doubles as a ball sling for a perfect stretch, making this a versatile toy with plenty of creative possibilities.

The Cock-Lock chastity cage is a chastity device that is said to look incredible when worn. It’s made from super soft TPR that makes it ultra-easy to use, and it is said to be effortless to put on and take off. Simply add your favourite lube to the inside of the Cock-Lock and slip inside it for instant visual excitement and physical pleasure. The chastity device has a hole in the tip for urination and for extended wear.

The Cock-Lock is modelled on the Cocksling-2, Oxballs’ popular cock ring that is also in the new ABS range. “This cock ring doesn’t just give him a firmer erection that lasts longer, it also gives him an impressive bulge,” said ABS. “This cleverly designed cock ring delivers a perfect fit and can be used during sex, stroking, blowjobs and more for extra intensity.”

Also in the Oxballs range at ABS is the Tri-Sport, an ultra-modern design that’s made from three conjoined cock rings that grip the base, shaft, and balls for maximum pleasure, mimicking a traditional steel tri-ring but without the discomfort.

The Unit-X cocksling is described by ABS as being: “Sleek, powerful and built for minimal bulk and maximum speed. It wraps around the base of your penis and the top of your balls and the TPR material gives it a perfect stretch and a rubbery feel. If you’re looking for a more intense squeeze, the Unit-X Stretch offers an added inch of rubbery ball stretching, and if you love more aggressive, intense play, you’ll love the 6-pack cock ring. This ring is built for hard-muscled sex and is lightweight, tight and stretchy for a perfect fit during play. If you want to look larger, the Donut-2 cock ring pushes your balls forward for a plumped-up look while Humpballs are our new super elastic cock ring – and are one of the best jelly cock rings you can add to your collection. Add some colour to your play with our Jellybean collection – a fun cock ring in a range of colours, with a great fit. Other products in the range include the Sack-Jack and Screw’d masturbators as well as cocksheaths like the Daddy, Muscle and Penetrator.”

ABS Holdings:

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