The Joyballs Secret’s out

Posted: March 22, 2012

After three years in development, Joydivision has launched its new Joyballs Secret, said to be the world’s most discreet pelvic floor training balls for women and the only such product on the market with built-in ‘intelligence’.

This training device was developed to effectively strengthen the female pelvic floor muscles whilst simultaneously having a stimulating effect and the firm says its organic design fits gently into the sensitive female anatomy and its streamlined shape makes the training device easy to insert and remove.

The double divider between the two balls ensures that the balls maintain the defined distance to one another and provides stability whilst also providing enough flexibility for comfortable use. The retrieval tab is worn inside the body, ensuring there is no outward sign of Joyballs being used.

Inside Joyballs Secret, two separate internal metal balls with a smooth outer surface serve as the training weight. By contrast, the interior structure of the exterior balls were constructed in such a way as to create random changes in the direction the balls move, which is said to be considerably better for pelvic floor training than a continuously one-directional movement because random movements provides permanently new stimulation impulses, similar to electric stimulation therapy. The internal structure is also sound insulated, further enhancing the Joyballs Secret discreet credentials.

Joyballs Secret are made from a specially developed material, called Silikomed, which comes with a five-year guarantee. Silikomed is claimed to be medically approved, mucous-membrane-friendly, hypoallergenic, dermatologically and clinically tested, with optimal hygienic properties suitable both for disinfection and machine-washing.

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