The joy of six: Super Stroker Pack back in stock at Scala Playhouse

Posted: July 25, 2017

Scala Playhouse has announced that its Super Stroker Mix Pack by ToyJoy Manpower is back in stock. The pack contains six reusable strokers, each of which has a different texture.

“Discover the Wave, Bumb, Web, Spiral, Turbo, and Twister and get swept away by their incredible stimulation,” enthused Scala Playhouse. “The strokers are made of quality TPE and can be rinsed and reused, so they can be enjoyed over and over again. Each individual stroker also includes a sachet of ToyJoy water-based lubricant to add a sensational slippery dimension to the intimate fun. But what makes the Super Stroker Mix Pack even more alluring for retailers is that the strokers can be sold as a set (the six-pack) or individually, as each stroker in the pack contains a unique barcode, making them instantly suited as profitable up-sell items. Simply slip one of these masturbation delights in with any purchase and please your consumers, whilst pleasing your sales results.”

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