The joy of six: new on-trend Rocks-Off lines now available at Net 1on1

Posted: October 26, 2017

Net 1on1 has added six new Rocks-Off products to its catalogue that feature two of the hottest trends right now – rose gold and unicorns. The new lines include the Ro-Lux and the 120mm G-spot bullet vibrator in the new colour while Little Charm and the Unihorn have a rainbow shine to catch the eye of unicorn enthusiasts.

Net 1on1 head buyer Danielle Warn said: “Rocks-Off is great at both predicting and setting fashion so we excitedly anticipate all their releases. They have a special place in the market that is unique to them, and it makes their products so appealing to both new and experienced sex toy users – beautifully designed toys that come with easy controls and a quick way to O-town. It’s enough taking a look at the six new products we are adding to our catalogue now!

“Rose gold is the new black! Since the iPhone 6s popped into mainstream consciousness in 2015, rose gold has become the most stylish and popular choice of colour in tech. So why should the sex toy industry be different? Matching that coat, hair colour or smartphone with a similarly fashionable vibrator that will fit in any handbag and it is incredibly easy to use and clean will appeal to so many women who want their satisfaction on the go. This makes the rose gold Ro-Lux bullet and the rose gold 10 function G-spot vibrator ideal choices for the style-conscious.

“The Golden Balls Kegel balls are so unique and feminine in colour that you could mistake them for jewellery, while the Rocks-Off Dalia is a real two-in-one kinda deal – it is not only a great 10-function bullet in beautiful rose gold, but it also comes with a silicone sleeve that transforms it into a more than capable G-spot vibrator. And of course, I was instantly charmed by both the Little Charm and the marvellous Unihorn, they’re so cute and yet elegant – I’m sure most women would be happy to receive either as a gift… or why not both while there?

“I’m sure our customers will appreciate both the variety and the elegance these products will add to their shop displays or online listings. And with Rocks-Off’s accessible pricing, they’ll be able to make a pretty profit too.”

The rose gold Ro-120mm 10 Function G-Spot Bullet Vibrator, the rose gold Ro-Lux, the Dalia with a Silicone G-Spot Sleeve, the Golden Balls Kegel Balls, the Little Charm, and the Unihorn are available for retailers to purchase now from Net 1on1.

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