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The ‘body extending’ sex toy

Anniix is a unique new sex toy which has been designed to be an extension of the body rather than a tool. It was developed by a gay woman to improve penetrative intercourse and it fits over the fingers and is worn, almost like a glove, rather than operated.

An Anniix spokesperson explained: “What makes Anniix different to other dildos is that you are able to insert your middle and index fingers comfortably into the device and by design it overcomes some of the shortcomings of traditional penetrative sex toys.”

Annixx is a 7.5” long phallic shape with raised ridges on its shaft. It is made from soft to the touch silicone and is available in both black and purple.

The company spokesperson added: “Anniix allows you to position yourself naturally with the device on your hand and engage in penetrative sex whilst remaining intimate with your partner.”

Although it was originally developed for the gay market the finger cavities have been designed to cater for most sizes. The device made its public debut at Manchester Pride in late August. The makers say the reaction and sales were very favourable, with gay men being especially enthusiastic.

The SRP is £34.99 and Anniix is supplied in high quality packaging complete with comprehensive instructions. Requests for further information, including trade enquiries, should be made via [email protected] or visit www.anniix.co.uk for more details on the product.