ThatsPersonal reveals Indian market report

Posted: December 17, 2014

ETO readers curious for an update on how the growing Indian market is looking may be pleased to view a sample of stats courtesy of Indian adult ecommerce store and distributor, ThatsPersonal. The popular brand from the region has reported the findings of its recent demographic and behavioural analytics report, covering geographic, demographic and gender differences, product and category popularity, preferred payment methods and other notable insights.

With a majority of 67% of all sales divided between the south and west of the country, it appears that the Southwest would be the ideal destination for any localised campaigns, but the report also notes that the North – currently with only 26% of sales, is the fastest growing region.

Perhaps the most surprising cultural insight offered in the report is in the large minority of customers still preferring the company’s cash on delivery and self pick up services

Gender dominance was a little more difficult to ascertain, the company claimed, since the male majority in overall transactions could be partly due to the habit of women to buy under their spouse’s identity for greater anonymity. The women’s market for adult products appears to be in good health, however, with with 36% of the traffic and 40% of transactions being by women.

Condoms take a large majority of all sales, while providing the lowest value of the retailer’s categories, which are a lower priority for women, who predominantly buy from the ‘fun stuff’ and ‘lingerie’ categories, although it’s not entirely clear how the categories are defined in the report.

Readers can view the ThatsPersonal Research Report 2014 PDF here or visit the website at