is better than you at Twitter

Posted: June 10, 2015, Indian distributor Digital e-Life’s online portal, became a worldwide sensation on April 30th after launching its #DirtyTalkin4Words Twitter contest. Users were invited to ‘talk dirty’ but only use four words – so ‘I cleaned the toilet’ vied for attention with ‘eat that banana Harry’, ‘Do you want McDonald’s’ and ‘Let’s play Mario Kart’ as some of the cleaner, dirty words.

The company offered exclusive Fifty Shades of Grey merchandise for the winners and within the first hour of the contest launch the topic entered the top #5 trending topics in India. says that within 45 minutes of that, the topic became the #1 trending topic in India and an hour later it was the #1 trending topic in the world, where it stayed for about three hours and remained in the top three for a total of six hours. “We registered an unprecedented 61 million impressions, reached over 34 million users with almost 16,000 contributors which led to an incredible 10x jump in traffic and a 7x increase in conversions,” the company said.

Samir Saraiya, CEO of Digital e-Life, added: “We always knew that, inherently, people in India do not mind opening up about talking dirty but we also knew that we would have to ‘push them into action’. We formulated a plan based on a few insights and came up with this unique contest and the rest is history.”