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Tenga updates its Lotions with new no-spill bottles

Tenga has redesigned its Lotion collection and they now come in a dispenser that features a new one-way, return-flow nozzle which ensures the liquid doesn’t leak or spill when tilted or turned upside down, even without the cap. The new longer nozzle also prevents the lotion from drying out.

The bottles have also been updated with a more flexible design, giving users more control during application.

There are three different Tenga Lotions and the company differentiates them as follows: Mild is a thick lotion for long-lasting pleasure; Regular is a well-balanced, all-purpose lotion that is perfect for any product; and Light is made to feel every detail and flowing sensation.

Tenga global marketing manager Eddie Marklew commented: “Tenga’s products all offer a variety of sensations, but we also know that lube can make all the difference. With the three lotions that all offer a unique feel, our fans can combine their favourite Tenga pleasure products with their preferred lotion to completely change the sensation of their next Tenga use.”

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