Tenga reaches 50m milestone

Posted: February 20, 2017

Tenga has announced that late last year it reached a significant milestone: the shipping of its fifty millionth product. Sales have grown steadily each year since the company launched in 2005. First year sales amounted to one million units worldwide and by 2016 this figure had increased to almost eight million.

Tenga says that if it was to collate 50,000,000 units of its Original Vacuum Cup and laid them end to end it would stretch for 7,750km – which is almost the distance from Tokyo to Helsinki (7,813km) or a round trip of Route 66 (7,890km).

“This new 50 million milestone reinforces Tenga’s place as the number one male masturbation product brand in the world,” the company announced. “We hope more and more people are able to enjoy the functional, high quality and most importantly, sensational experiences that the Tenga brand has to offer.”