Television X SHAFTAs sparkle

Posted: December 10, 2013

Television X celebrated the adult channel’s 18th birthday in style on December the 5th with a combined birthday party and the fourth SHAFTA (Soft and Hard Adult Film and Television Awards) event at the Rise club, off Leicester Square in London. A funfair being held in the square was the theme carried inside, with the public mingling with adult stars along the ‘Tunnel of Love’ entrance and around ‘Scream if you want to go faster!’ signs.

Hosted by Tanya Tate, the event was filmed by both TVX and BBC3 in places, and featured Chloe Sims of TOWIE fame, Is Tropical – an up-and-coming band – Chloe Pinky and Lacy Summers from Playboy TV and many others in outstanding dresses…

Highlights of the night included Ann Arrowsmith’s (nee Span) expression on being awarded the Palm Phwoar award for outstanding contribution to the adult industry, Myles Jackman tweeting The Law Society to tell them ‘this is the way to do an awards ceremony!’ and Danny D standing on stage, NOT exposing himself to do ‘the helicopter’ for once.

Other winners were Yuffie Yulan for best new starlet and Weird Science XXX for best new series. The rest of the phallic gongs were given on an ‘of the last 18 years’ basis and were awarded to Angel Long (best female performer), Danny D (male performer), Tanya Tate’s Sex Tour of Ireland (best amateur series), Pervacious Mind of Angel Long (best series), Lara Latex (best loved character, accepted via prerecorded poolside video), Mummy’s Got Milk (most outrageous series), Tanya Tate (best MILF) and Linsey Dawn McKenzie: I’m Back (best girl/girl series).

Richie and Jane Bowles of Creative Conceptions, co-sponsors of the event, were responsible for the number of MustachiO vibrating moustaches seen being worn and Marino, Ben Dover, Busty Cookie, Ric Porter, Chris Ratcliff and US star Jessie Jane [pictured above right, with Tanya Tate] were seen in a sea of other producers, directors, performers and assorted industry figures.