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Taste the Rainbow: Kheper’s new Rainbow Pecker Candies

Taste the Rainbow: Kheper’s new Rainbow Pecker Candies

Kheper has added Rainbow Pecker Candies to its adult candies line. The pack of six marshmallow candies has a coloured candy for each of the six main colours of a rainbow, and the flavours are said to match their respective colours: strawberry, orange, lemon, apple, blue raspberry, and grape.

“We are thrilled to be launching this item well in time for Pride and wedding night-before party seasons,” said Kheper CEO Brian Pellham. “Our Rainbow Dick Suckers perform the best of our candies because stores love how colourful they are to display. Also, they work for any type of party, and not just pride parties. People love the diversity of the six-packs of candies and also the variety of flavours in one set. People sharing the set get to pick either their favourite colours or favourite flavour, with the positive message the pride flag inspires as well.”

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