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Tanya Tate to star on Channel 4 next Monday

Tanya Tate, one of the world’s best known porn performers, will take a central role on Channel 4 next Monday when the broadcaster airs its Date My Porn Star documentary. A film crew accompanied Tanya’s biggest fan from the UK to her current home in Los Angeles. He visited her on set and watched her direct and star in a hardcore girl on girl scene with Natalia Starr for Filly Films and later spent some time with her.

“It was a very amazing experience,” said Tanya. “I always love meeting my fans. It was very thrilling to have someone come all the way from England to meet me. The film crew wanted me to be honest and candid with the fan, so viewers will see a side of me that they may not be accustomed to. It’s going to be a very engaging programme.”

Date My Porn Star will be broadcast on Monday, the 21st of October at 10pm on Channel 4. The premise of the programme is ‘Three British porn obsessives visit LA, where they meet their favourite adult movie stars, but also witness the darker side of the porn industry’.

Channel 4’s episode guide appears to suggest that it’s the less glamorous aspects of the porn industry that will be highlighted in the documentary, which is part of its Real Sex Season. It states that the three men are anticipating the trip of a lifetime but, “As well as meeting their porn idols, however, the men get more than they bargained for as they are faced with a darker and less glamorous side of porn. Seeing their porn idols in action on set is enticing. But when they discuss their life and the value of real and lasting relationships it comes as a surprise for the men. When they visit a low-end porn studio and witness a casting conveyer belt of wannabe porn stars, followed by a porn orgy that’s deeply degrading for female actors, the men begin to question their views. The final meeting with an ex-porn star, who shares her candid, harrowing story, could be the final tipping point. Exposed to the challenging realities of the industry, can the men continue to reconcile their sexual fantasies with their experiences in porn-land?”