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Tantus seeks crowdfunding for new Rumble vibe

Tantus seeks crowdfunding for new Rumble vibe

Tantus has launched its first Indiegogo campaign to crowdfund its new Rumble – which the firm describes as a tech savvy, ergonomic, hygienically cleanable, featherweight vibrator with an amazing motor.

The company said: “Vibrators are for every body – but not everybody knows it. People with mobility issues find vibrators challenging to hold and reach to their parts. Few men have tried a vibrator. Big vibrators are heavy and awkward, while small models are often buzzy and downright wimpy. Plus they are impossible to really clean. We’ve designed a smart new vibrator for everybody. Now we need you to make it real.”

Rumble features a removable head made of Tantus’ own unique formula of 100% ultra-premium silicone. It weighs less than seven ounces, so anyone can hold it, and it has a thumping, rumbly motor to deliver 14 speeds of deep, powerful vibration – but it’s also quiet. Rumble is said to be truly ergonomic, comfortable to hold and easier to handle than any other vibrator, and its smart design places the speed controls right where the thumb rests while the on/off button is located where it won’t be accidently turned off in the middle of the action. The cordless and rechargeable Rumble will also give users the option to change the silicone heads, allowing them to customise their experience.

If Tantus reaches its goal – it still has some weeks to run – Rumble could be available ‘before the winter holidays’. To get involved, visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/tantus-rumble-a-vibrator-to-please-every-body?mc_cid=ca94d26f5f&mc_eid=e8ea42727e#/