Tale of tails: Net 1on1 adds Nasstoys’ puppy play accessories

Posted: June 2, 2017

Net 1on1 is catering to the puppy play trend by introducing silicone butt plugs with curved tails from American brand Nasstoys this month. As puppy play sessions require accessories, the distributor believes no human-puppy should be seen without a tail, a dog’s greatest communication tool. Net 1on1 says that with Nasstoys’ curved tail butt plugs, retailers can stay ahead of the trend.

Net 1on1’s head buyer Danielle Warn said: “We have been maintaining an amazing relationship with Nasstoys for years now, so we were really excited when they sent us their newest silicone butt plugs – and they came with tails! We were aware of the puppy play trend taking off recently, especially in the last half year, so we were actually seeking a good quality, affordable option – this couldn’t have come at a better time. Anal play is one of the most successful and sought after categories in the adult industry, so butt plugs always sell well, but we really think that the curved tails will provide an added layer of intrigue and uniqueness that consumers are after. Retailers will also appreciate the generous price point and the fact that these plugs are made out of silicone which is definitely the most popular sex toy material at the moment. The three different designs – classic, rounded and ribbed – ensure that all anal enthusiasts can find their perfect match and every dog can have its day. Now that’s what I call puppy love.”

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