Taking home an adult star

Posted: October 6, 2008

SexyStandups has entered the adult market and is giving performers the opportunity to sell a life-size replica of themselves to their fans.

Owner and founder Gord Collin has a history of perfecting the process of mass producing life-size and lifelike cardboard replicas of mainstream celebrities, including Elvis, Gene Simmons of Kiss, cartoons such The Simpsons, and Hollywood legends like Marilyn Monroe and John Wayne.

“In life there are those who dream of being famous or an agent for supermodels,” says Collin. “This business I have created is the closest I am going to get. I now represent some of the most famous beautiful women in the world – so what if they’re cardboard! SexyStandups.com is the producer and talent agency all rolled into one and I am head of the studio.”

Gord is currently looking for adult performers who want to offer something different to their fans. SexyStandups.com will manufacture and house the inventory of its stand-up cut outs as well as process orders and ship them direct to customers.

“All a girl – or guy – has to do is have a banner on their website,” Collin explains. “Fans can place the order, which comes to us; we ship the product white label and presto money for everybody. I just finished ironing out a deal with Suze Randall Photography that is sure to be mutually lucrative and I’m ready to start talking to adult models and porn stars about making stand-ups for them to sell as well.”

The company has recently secured a licensing agreement with lingerie manufacturer Shirley of Hollywood. Each stand-up is supplied folded, with a pop out easel, and retails at $39.95.