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Taboom! Exclusively for Scala customers

Taboom! Exclusively for Scala customers

Scala has announced the launch of Taboom, a new brand which will be exclusively available to the distributor’s customers. Scala says Taboom will offer ‘an affordable selection of popular toy categories with irresistible margins for retailers’ and the non-intimidating nature of the branding should prove popular with entry-level consumers.

“Priced competitively, Taboom makes erotic fun affordable to all, whilst enabling retailers to take advantage of very attractive sales margins,” said Scala. “The brand uses modern, cohesive packaging on products, allowing you to mix and match your favourites in one, striking in-store display.”

Describing the launch as ‘exciting news’ for its customers, Scala added: “We pride ourselves on offering a curated assortment of brands, with something for every type of target audience. Taboom’s trendy appeal, non-intimidating aesthetics, and budget pricing make it a valuable addition in our line-up, and we’re confident retailers will see the profitable potential of including this brand in their own personal assortment.”

For more information visit www.scala-nl.com