System Jo runs ‘20% off everything’ promotion – but only for two weeks

Posted: September 16, 2019

System Jo is offering retailers 20% discount off all its products – but don’t hang about to take advantage of the promotion as it runs for only two weeks.

“This is the first time we have run a promotion like this, and we’re really excited about launching it,” said Becky Buffham, regional manager of System JO/United Consortium Europe. “We thought it was important to reward our loyal customers for their valued business and give something back that shows we care about their bottom line. These are retailers that appreciate the high quality and diversity of our products, so we want that good faith to flow both ways.”

The 20% discount applies to all of Jo’s lines, including mainstays product like H2O Original, Flavoured Lubricants, and All-in-one Massage Glide plus newer releases such as Jo Candy Shop Flavours, Jo Flavored Arousal Gels, DONA Essential Oils, Bucked and more.

“We decided to include the full spectrum of our catalogue instead of picking and choosing particular lines or brands,” Buffham states. “That’s because it’s not about promoting a particular product, it’s about showing our gratitude for the individuals and companies responsible for our success in Europe.”

All System Jo products are available through Eropartner Distribution, which is the brand’s exclusive distributor for the entire EU. The 20% off offer ends on September 30th, 2019. Call your Jo or Eropartner representative for more information.