System Jo appoints Eropartner Distribution as exclusive European distributor

Posted: March 19, 2018

United Consortium, System Jo’s parent company, has announced that from April 1st 2018 Eropartner Distribution will be the sole distributor for System Jo and Dona products in Europe – including the UK and Ireland. This move follows a successful consolidation of distribution partners in the United States.

Armed with the experience and early data of its US consolidation, the company says it carefully analysed past and projected sales and a range of other criteria during its consideration to choose a single Preferred Partner. As with its domestic market, United Consortium is confident this move will ultimately benefit all EU retailers.

“During my time with United Consortium, I have seen steady growth with our European retailers,” said Michael Woolard, CEO. “We also recognise that to accelerate this growth, we need to focus our efforts where they can be most effective. And, although the decision was difficult, we are excited to focus distribution and have Eropartner serve the continent exclusively.”

He continued: “Our commitment to retailer growth is stronger than ever. Working alongside Chris Bakker and the entire team at Eropartner, I am certain we will see System Jo rise to become one of the strongest brands in the region.”

When asked why Eropartner Distribution had been chosen over any of its rivals, Woolard said: “We considered everything from past and projected sales to overall capabilities and resources. Ultimately, we felt Eropartner would best serve the region’s retailers.”

Eropartner Distribution is prepared to welcome all new and existing Jo retailers, and is working with the brand’s team to ensure a smooth change in everyone’s ordering process.

“We are excited to work with every retailer as they begin or expand their dealings with Eropartner,” Rebecca Anniuk, System Jo’s European regional manager said. “I’m really looking forward to a successful transition.”

Anniuk believes a single supplier will bring benefits to retailers too: “Our decision to consolidate to a single distributor was driven by a goal to better serve retailers,” she said. “Being able to focus  support efforts through one source will allow us to be the best partner possible to everyone who represents our brands.”

In addition to the focused support efforts, the company plans to work with Eropartner to develop data-driven programs to increase sales market-wide.

Retailers seeking information on the System Jo and Dona brands can contact Rebecca Anniuk via or Sandra Von Looij via and Eropartner Distribution can be contacted via