Swinging on a Star: Vibez featured in UK tabloid sexbot story

Posted: September 18, 2017

Vibez Adult Boutique was featured in the Daily Star newspaper last week, with the UK tabloid focusing on the latest addition to the store’s range – sex doll Samantha. Vibez, voted Best Individual Store by ETO readers earlier this year, is based in Aylesford, Kent, and it is only the second British store to showcase the sexbots, created by Dr Sergi Santos and Arran Squire of Synthea Amatus (the first was Liberation, in London’s Covent Garden).

The report claimed that Samantha is the most advanced artificially intelligent sex robot ever to be sold in a shop, and features eight different modes and 11 sensors that “respond to touch”. Vibez owner Tracey Whitmore told the Daily Star: “Samantha is getting on really well with my customers, but she is causing a bit of a stir I have to say. Customers have been talking to her, touching her and squeezing her boobs regularly. The guys are going crazy for her. One guy yesterday actually made her orgasm just by stroking her.”

The Daily Star report added that Samantha, which retails at around £2,500, can speak “full sentences” in English and “switch between languages”- understanding English, German and Spanish. What’s more, her personality will evolve over time.

“Sex dolls have been an area that has been very difficult to fulfil for our customers,” said Tracey. “Sergi’s sex robots have changed everything. They are affordable, interactive and just so life-like. They feel amazing. To actually have a full size, life-like doll that interacts is just too exciting.”

More details on Samantha can be found at www.syntheaamatus.com and the Daily Star piece can be read online here.