Swan way to do it

Posted: May 5, 2016

The ADC Expo is held each year in April in Shanghai, China, and is one of the most popular events for adult manufacturers to showcase their latest offerings, with prominent Western and Chinese companies displaying their products alongside each other within the same venue.

The large trade event was held 14th-17th April 2016 and Swan took along a large display of its own wares, including a wide array of its previous bestsellers such as the original award-winning Swan Collection and Adore by Swan, Swan Special Edition, Swan Wand, Mini Swan Wand,  plus a selection of new designs set to be launched in the next few months, (for example the brand new Swan Squeeze) allowing trade visitors to feel and interact with the products, many for the first time.

The largest internet retailer in China subsequently picked up the Swan Collection for sale on its website following discussions at the show.