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Swan receives powerful upgraded technology

New Swans ready for take off

A new generation of Swan vibrators are set to receive a power-boosting performance upgrade. Swan’s branding focus for the last few years, has been heavily centred on establishing the company as a forerunner for power-driven pleasure products, as is clearly illustrated by the PowerBullet™ logo labelling on Swan boxes intended to assure customers of the power and quality that the product contains.

True to this promise, the “vibration specialists” at Swan’s production facility have invested their time and expertise into the advancement of the technology and are now ready to roll out Swan’s latest upgrades. Consumers should, Swan say, notice a vastly improved amount of power in all Swan products beginning in March 2013.

“3 years ago, I was so proud of the power that the Swan collection had, and still am today. I never imagined it could get any better. In this situation though, it feels great to prove myself wrong. Wait until you feel these vibrations!” said Steve Bannister, President of Swan.

Not to confuse the new vibrations as being ‘faster’, Steve continues, “I’d also like to really make it clear that instead of just speeding up our vibrations which really just makes for a buzzier, numbing sensation, we’ve actually reworked the major components for a wider vibration space. Instead of faster vibrations, you end up with deeper, pulsating, ones that just feel great.”

This new PowerBullet™ vibration technology is also in the process of being incorporated into other luxury brands including Lux, Leaf, and the new Leaf+ with functions that will land on shelves in the autumn of 2013.