Svakom’s new duo will ‘put the play back in foreplay’

Posted: November 30, 2017

After the success of its three previous Svakom range expansions, Net 1on1 has now added two one-of-a-kind high-end vibrators to its catalogue. Named Cookie and Candy, Net 1on1 says the devices will put the play back in foreplay.

Cookie features three massaging tentacles while Candy is equipped with a kissing, nibbling mouth, both designed to massage, stimulate and caress the labia, clitoris and nipples. Made from the brand’s signature super-silky silicone, Net 1on1 says the duo offers tempting and arousing play to set up volcanic orgasmic pleasure.

Net 1on1 head buyer Danielle Warn said: “Cookie and Candy are so easy on the eye – sporting beautiful soft pink and blue colours and a design that just fills you with intrigue. We did not hesitate one moment when we first saw them, they just had to be added to our catalogue. The two toys are cute and eco- and travel-friendly, and we have no doubt that they will bring many happy hours of satisfying foreplay to couples. Innovation is increasingly becoming a buzzword in the adult industry, so it’s really nice to see a manufacturer actually bringing something entirely unique to the market – I definitely don’t remember any specific foreplay vibrators launched in recent years.

“Svakom has been capturing the imagination of retailers and consumers in recent years, and we have had some astounding success with their products. Our previous range-expansion, for example, added the Winni cock ring to our catalogue, and it is by far the bestselling luxury ring we offer now. The Vicky P- and G-spot massager is equally popular with male and female buyers, which really shows off Svakom’s ability to design versatile and truly user-friendly products.

“Working with a group of volunteers from different countries and backgrounds, Svakom has tested the Cookie and the Candy extensively so we are sure these beauties will be the next big hit on the market. Offering the same generous pricepoint that is now a standard for the brand, our customers will appreciate the variety this pair introduces to our offering and hopefully they’ll have a field day promoting these quirky looking, cute and charming toys. Indulge in something sweet today, check out these two delicacies from Svakom!”

Net 1on1:

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