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Sun reports on ‘Internet Businessmen’ Tulisa ‘Threat’

Sun reports on 'Internet Businessmen' Tulisa 'Threat'

As reported in The Sun under the headline, “Tulisa ‘Threat’ – ‘Ultimatum’ on Sex Tape”, singer Tulisa Contostavlos, who has performed as part of N-Dubz and as a solo act, was set to be given an ultimatum over her sex video, it has been claimed.

An email saying that X Factor judge Tulisa could either accept 50% of her ex Justin Edwards’ cut from selling the six-minute clip online, or else sue him and end up with nothing is reported to have been sent by Internet businessman Jim Deans to alleged co-conspirators Marino Franchi and Dennis Jared.

The group of three men Tulisa is suing for leaking the clip, her lawyers allege, planned to tell her she could take a share of their profits to drop any objections, or get “f**k all”. It’s also alleged that the men discussed via an email exchange a script which would be read to her management once the video went public.

According to The Sun, the ultimatum “…has been outlined in a written witness statement entered into the High Court by Tulisa’s lawyer Jonathan Coad. The three men are being sued for £100,000 each by Tulisa for breach of privacy, along with others including X Factor boss Simon Cowell’s aide Chris Herbert, who did not receive the email.”

Mr Herbert also stands accused of trying to ‘cash in’ on the sex tape. Tulisa claims Chris – who had been hired by ‘The X Factor’, on which Tulisa is a judge – hoped to make £4 million pounds along with his accomplices by selling the footage. As a result of the legal dispute, Herbert has now been dropped by the ITV1 reality show from his consultancy role.

A spokesman for The X Factor said, ”As a result of us becoming aware of the ongoing legal dispute between Tulisa and Mr. Herbert, we have decided it is in everyone’s interest for him to not be involved in the forthcoming series.”

The Sun added that Deans has claimed in a statement that the evidence against him is “very much in doubt” while Edwards, Tulisa’s ex boyfriend, has already settled with the singer after admitting he lied court when he denied involvement in the video’s leaking in March.