Strokes of genius? Zero Tolerance toys for boys now at ABS

Posted: September 27, 2016

ABS Holdings is stocking two new strokers from Zero Tolerance: the Perfect Stroke Vagina Stroker and the Glory Holes XL Vagina. The Perfect Stroke features Accumulation Technology, which is described as delivering the first pump and stroker combination. “This stroker features a tight fit with plenty of bumps and textures to the inside,” said ABS. “It has a lifelike vaginal entrance and features a lifelike sleeve that is simply inserted into the Accumulator. The vacuum release valve allows you to control the strength of your suction and also helps you to release yourself easily from the stroker.”

The Glory Holes XL is said to have a soft, silky feel and be anatomically correct for realistic pleasure. “This toy is textured to the inside for incredible stimulation while the ergonomic shape gives you a great grip as it fits in your hand perfectly,” said ABS. “This Zero Tolerance stroker comes with a four hour long DVD as a visual complement and  water-based lubricant – an essential for well-hydrated pleasure.”

ABS Holdings:

[T] 01202 868511