Stop, hey, what’s that Sound? Everybody look what’s going down

Posted: April 25, 2017

XR Brands has expanded its Master Series brand with a comprehensive sounding selection, in silicone and stainless steel, which caters to multiple experience levels. For an entry-level introduction, Master Series now offers several silicone sounds designed for a softer, more generous ‘give’ that XR Brands says traditional stainless steel can’t provide. The silicone selection also includes the Invasion three-piece Trainer Set, Dark Rods three-piece Cum Through Set, and Hallows Cum Through Plug.

For more intense sounding, Master Series also offers designs with textured surfaces, including beading and spikes, as well as a rod equipped with a vibrating motor. And for advanced users, Master Series there are multi-purpose devices that incorporate the intensity of sounding with the titillating sensation of anal penetration or cock ring constriction – and the Condemned Locking Penetration Cage with Anal Insertion combines all three.

“Customers love Master Series because it allows stores to stock advanced-level BDSM gear that can hang on a shelf or slatwall with ease, allowing shoppers to peruse without having to ask a staff member to open a special case,” XR Brands director of sales and marketing Rebecca Weinberg said. “This is especially poignant for sounding, and now consumers can make shopping for and exploring sounding products the personal experience it should be. Master Series is an established and trusted brand and we are pleased to provide the industry’s first comprehensive collection of fully merchandised sounding gear.”

The full Master Series range can be seen at