Stock up for World Orgasm Day, urges Scala Playhouse

Posted: August 6, 2015

Following the UK’s National Orgasm Day (July 31st), Scala Playhouse is recommending its customers to stock up for World Orgasm Day, which will be celebrated on August 8th.

The firm says: “The ability to reach an orgasm must be one the best features of our human bodies. World Orgasm Day was founded to celebrate exactly that delicious body energy and the delight of all our orgasms. Celebrate this day together with Scala Playhouse and stock-up on the Soft Touch Body Wand by Mae B and the Stimul8 Orgasm Cream – both ready to order! The Soft Touch Body Wand by Mae B is a great choice for any lover. The high-quality silicone design allows users to indulge themselves with an erotic massage, with the choice of various sensational vibration settings. Slowly tease yourself or each other towards an amazing climax. To help increase your intimate pleasure even further add a few drops of Orgasm Cream by Stimul8. This delightful drugstore product boasts various stimulating ingredients that increase the blood flow to the genitalia and enhance sensitivity, making each stroke and vibration even more sensational! The Orgasm Cream by Stimul8 is available in both a male and female version.”


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