Stealing store staff caught by CCTV

Posted: October 18, 2012

Two female employees of the Hull branch of Pulse and Cocktails who pleaded guilty to theft have been given community orders and ordered to pay towards the costs of their prosecution. The two women stole, respectively, £1,088.60 and £421.20 worth of adult products, outfits and cash over a two-week period from the store, which was given a five-star rating by ETO’s Mystery Shopper in March 2010.


After a colleague raised concerns with the store manager about clothing going missing, CCTV footage was reviewed to identify the thieves and the techniques they used to rip-off their employers. These included voiding sales after customers had left the store and pocketing the money and placing stock in carrier bags behind the till, which were later removed.


The women were arrested on July 31st last year and subsequently pleaded guilty to three sample counts of theft. Their solicitor said the pair has been under pressure to sell high-value products and had held-back money from multiple smaller purchases to later ring them through as one, larger sale. Acknowledging that theft from an employer is regarded as a serious breach of trust by the courts, he also explained that the women had been cooperative and made confessions when the CCTV footage was shown to them at a disciplinary meeting with their employers. The police were called and again the two women had admitted guilt.


Sentenced to 12 months community orders for their crimes by magistrates, the two women will each have to do 100 hours unpaid work in the community, with an additional order to pay £85 court costs each. Pulse and Cocktails have told the Crown Prosecution Service that the firm will be seeking a further £3,018 from the women in a civil action.


Pulse and Cocktails was unavailable for comment.