Stark launches ‘strongest ever’ aroma

Posted: January 29, 2015

Stark Distribution (formerly CZ Trade) has launched a brand new aroma that the company claims is the strongest ever. The firm says that Potent Blue stands apart from other aromas in more ways than one. It comes in a blue bottle, a departure from the traditional brown bottle other aromas are available in, and contains a special ‘power bullet’ inside that increases its potency. When shaken, the stainless steel ‘power bullet’ is said to activate the formula, making it XXX strong.

“We are confident that Potent Blue will outsell our current leading aroma,”, said Jose Leal, Stark Distribution sales manager. “The feedback we have had from focus groups is phenomenal and we are very excited to launch it.”

Potent Blue will be available at the end of February and is exclusive to Stark Distribution. For further information visit or contact